New Audi A6 2018 Price

New Audi A6 2018 Concept

The New Audi A6 2018 Price should be suffering from diminished appeal. After all, it's been kicking around without a full redesign for six model years now while its prime competitors have been completely redone in the past year. It's old news. Well, that might be true in terms of attracting attention, but in the end, the A6's appeal has in fact diminished little. This well-rounded luxury sedan con...

Audi RS3 2018 Blue Review

Audi S3 2018 Ara Blue New Review

For Audi nerds, the arrival of the Audi RS 3 2018 on U.S. shores is a big deal. This fire-breathing compact sedan has until now been forbidden fruit, with sales limited to overseas markets. The first handful of RS 3s arriving will bear a 2017 model designation and is identical to the 2018 model. The RS 3 is what happens when you fortify Audi's class-leading A3 entry-level luxury sedan with a 40...

2018 Audi Q5 3.0 Tdi Owners Manual Redesign

2018 Audi Q5 3 0 Tdi Owners Manual Specs and REview

The 2018 Audi Q5 3 0 Tdi Owners Manual into another model year as one of the most popular compact luxury SUVs, boasting a wide array of virtues designed to make you feel as if you're driving something beyond all those humdrum small SUVs out there. Its classic styling, well-crafted cabin and ample features combine to deliver nearly everything one expects from an SUV in this segment. Sure, it has ...